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Be one of Us

Let us take a guess. You are looking for a very special kinda working place. Something that lets you learn, grow, think and most importantly lets you have fun along the way! We therefore, present to  you Konsept , which is exactly that kinda working place! We are not making tall claims. See  for yourself…

Know us Better

We are Young

Yes, age is indeed just a number. We are talking about being young at heart. This diversified group of
people focuses on the numbers only when they are a part of the client presentations. For everything
else, we strictly follow the heart!

We are Passionate

Does that make us die-hard romantics? Well that’s debatable but one thing is for sure, we truly love
what we do here. Turning our passion into profession has made us do more and achieve more. If you
have hearts for marketing, then this team is definitely for you.

We are Ready

That’s the attitude, which run through our veins. We are ready for our clients, we are ready for
setting new trends, we are ready to revolutionize marketing and we are always ready to welcome
onboard those who come with a sprinkle of craziness like us.

Open Positions


we believe the front line of our company matter as much as our CEO, a secretary has more in-depth roles than answering and redirecting phone call.

Personal assistant

If you can compete with Amy Santiago’s career passion and organizational skills
You are the one

HR executive

Looking for a full-time passionate and creative content writer to join our team he/she must understand how the major search engines work

Content writer

If you think your words can change minds You could just be the one writer we are looking for.


Can your words impact a brand image ? If so make sure you apply for this job.

Marketing Executive

A very artistic marketing executive is needed If you think you are, we need a marketing Athena

Social Media Executive

We are looking for someone unique and rare and have a different kind of mindset.

Graphic Designer

Anther level babyh, have you heard this phrase before ?


Strong level of experience in motion graphics, illustration, photography…

Web Developer

We know our website is ugly that’s why we are looking for you If you know you can be better and up to challenge, apply .

UX UI Designer

The UX designer will be expected to design the overall functionality of the product…

Our Daily Practice from Within



A contagious energy we often marinade in through the day. The fire that drives each individual to show up and be a part of something bigger and better than themselves. We ignite and sustain this fire in multiple ways – morning power talk, strategic/evaluation meetings so each staff member is poised to win on a
daily basis.


Active Listening

We’re all saying something. We all long to be heard and understood. And desire productive measures applied. We take the time to listen and understand correctly each person by putting ourselves in their shoes, seeing and understanding their view/pain points, then we make all possible adjustments to rectify/strengthen the situation.


There are no set rules when it comes to creativity. At Beautiful Journey we understand that life serves us different strengths. So we welcome you to feel free in showcasing yours.


We know the positive thinker always emerges on top regardless of what life throws their way. Everyday is a “yes” day for a positive mind. Something is always happening. We encourage you to permit yourself to win everyday at Beautiful Journey. Share your thoughts we are family and work with you to succeed.


Tantalizing Theory

Awesome action – we promote reading (take advantage of our reading incentives) and knowledge is our foundation, but better still we take action. Implementation is key. We put theory to work for excellent results.


We are not scared of building a fun environment yet we work professionally, fun doesn’t go against professionalism here you go A recruiter asks a job candidate, “How long were you in your last position?” The job applicant replies, “I’d say my biggest weakness is my listening skills.” Lol. Send us a joke we will replay .


We know that sometimes there is more than one route to arrive at a desired destination, with this in mind we choose flexibility and are dedicated to remaining human

Giving Back

From a place of gratitude we work on giving back to the community we are honored to serve. The lives we touch and make a difference in. Our give-back charity strives for greater heights each year in promoting care, learning, and unity. With our clients

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